GM's EV Hummer Has Massive Price Tag But Some New Tricks

2021-12-25 01:43:09 By : Ms. Grace Xu

GM made a speedy switch to EV with the EV Hummer. Less than one year after it was revealed, the iconic big car is rolling out on the streets.

Selling for more than $110,000, General Motors' electric Hummers are rolling out the factory line and hitting the streets. The Hummer symbolizes many things, power, excess, the American automotive big-car culture, and the era of petrol. Switching big and luxury cars to EVs does not come without controversy.

The idea behind the switch of petrol and diesel vehicles to electric and hybrid is based on global emissions and their impact on climate. Electric Vehicles are supposed to be available for everyone to achieve global emission targets. But luxury car brands like BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and others are bringing their own style to the EV movement, redesigning them to appeal to all audiences.

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It took GM less than one year to design, reveal, build, and release its new EV Hummer. GM's greatest accomplishment is the powerful, fully electric Hummer engine. Brands like Jeep and Toyota are still trying to figure out how to make electric engines without using hybrid technology in their big cars. The first EV Hummers drove out from GM's Factory Zero in Detroit and Hamtramck, Michigan. This was a GM double symbol representing the comeback of cars built in the U.S. and the new EV wave.

The Hummer may have a heavy price tag, but the tricks it brings to the streets are worth admiring. For example, the EV Hummer can "Crab Walk" rotating its four wheels to drive on its sides. Given the size of the car, this can come in handy in narrow city alleys or navigating off-trail in tight rocky passings. Tesla made big noise when it announced the Cybertruck would have 1,000 horsepower, so GM met it in its own field, matching the horsepower. Fully charged, the Hummer can range 350 miles. To climb mountains, traverse boulders, or cut through deep waters, the EV Hummer has another trick. It can literally lift itself entirely with the push of one button, the Extract Mode.

The size of the EV Hummer does not compromise its agility. The pickup model can race from 0 to 60 in three seconds. GM also built some automation into the new truck. Super Cruise driver assistance allows for several maneuvers, including lane changes. The one-pedal driving automates speed and braking and can even draw energy from motion.

The car's interior is all about merging the outside with the inside. Owners can easily remove its modular sky panels, transforming it into a big convertible. Eighteen waterproof cameras power an "Ultravision" that screens in high-definition. The EV Hummer has independent front and rear suspensions and full underbody armor to work with no pain in off-road environments. But the most excellent trick is its fully electric, fast, silent, and zero emissions engine. GM says it's a "new automotive era," and it certainly is. The Hummer, a symbol of the petrol era, now rides the streets electrically powered.

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