The 7 Best Carbon Monoxide Detectors

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Ensure your family and your home are protected by investing in a carbon monoxide detector.

Over 400 people in the U.S die annually due to accidental carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, making a CO detector a crucial device for your safety. CO is a deadly gas that is undetectable by the human senses.

Some of the key factors to consider when buying the best carbon monoxide detector are battery life, ease of installation, power consumption, and durability. Some CO detectors can alert you in case of both CO and smoke presence, so that’s an added advantage.

Here are the best carbon monoxide detectors on the market.

If you're looking for an excellent dual carbon monoxide and smoke detector, the X-Sense is a worthy pick. This carbon monoxide detector protects you from two fatal threats, carbon monoxide (CO) and smoke in the surrounding air. It features improved electrochemical and photoelectric sensors that considerably boost the alarm's sensitivity.

The alarm's faster response time offers an added advantage because you cannot detect CO with your human senses, that is, smell, sight, or taste. Additionally, extreme levels of CO can kill a person within five minutes, so having such an effective CO detector is necessary. The detector will use a loud 85dB alarm, and a red led indicator in case of CO or smoke threat.

The CO detector features a preloaded 10-year battery. This sealed lithium battery allows the detector to safeguard your home 24/7. You can stay safe for a decade without worrying about battery replacement. The CO detector is easy to install and operate, so you don’t need to hire a technician.

If you're looking for an accurate, dependable, and highly sensitive carbon monoxide detector, the Lecoolife is an excellent consideration. It can reliably detect both smoke and carbon monoxide, keeping your home safe at all times. The CO detector is energy saving, reducing your electricity bill. Even when the power is quite low, you’ll still hear alerts in case of carbon monoxide presence.

The CO monitor has a light and sound alarm to warn you when the CO levels are high. It produces a loud 85dB sound and red lights to alert you. This CO detector is excellent for any space in your home including, the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. You can also install it in your garage to keep everyone safe when barbecuing.

The Lecoolife CO detector is easy to install, meaning you don’t need to hire a professional to install it. It comes with a mounting bracket, anchor plugs, and screws, so mounting it takes a short time.

The WJZXTEK comes with amazing features such as a unique design and an alarm warning. It is also energy-saving, making it a great pick if you are looking to lower your electricity bill. The detector comes with an accurate electro-optical sensor to detect CO leaks from different sources. It'll protect you against leaking CO from generators, defective fuel-burning appliances, and obstructed chimneys.

The indicator lights and alarm sounds will alert you when the device detects CO. The CO monitor has a three-digit LCD displayer to help you know the CO levels. CO is invisible and odorless, so you can hardly detect it. The displayer helps you monitor your home's CO levels at all times because the gas is deadly and can cause suffocation within minutes.

The WJZXTEK CO detector saves the battery energy by switching from beeps/seconds to beeps/minutes. One crucial thing to know is that the alarm doesn't have any radioactive elements and can be installed in every room.

If you are looking to buy a long-lasting and budget-friendly carbon monoxide detector, the Kidde is an awesome choice. This CO detector meets the Underwriter Laboratories (UL) guidelines, making it certified. As such, it is reliable, allowing you to enjoy an extended period with the products.

The CO detector has LED lights, CO detection, and alert modes. It's battery-powered, so you can use it even when you're experiencing a power outage. The Kidde CO monitor has advanced electronic technology that helps detect CO. The Led lights and alarms serve as a warning system. The red Led lights indicate that CO is leaking in the home, while green LED lights show the alarm is properly functioning when you have power.

The detector has a unique battery door, enabling easier access to the batteries. Additionally, it has a safety feature mechanism that will not allow you to close the battery door without proper installation.

If you're looking for a carbon monoxide detector with a friendly voice to alert you in case of smoke or CO threat, the Google Nest Protect is a fantastic option. This smoke and CO detector use a warm voice to warn you of any smoke or CO in your house. You get to enjoy an alarm that speaks to you when danger arises in your home.

This detector features a Split Spectrum sensor that detects smoldering fires, fast-burning flames, and carbon monoxide. The alarm speaks to you, and when you're not at home, you can get a message on your smartphone. Additionally, it detects carbon monoxide and communicates where the gas is located.

The detector has unique features like app silence and nightly promise. The nightly promise assures you that the alarm works when you switch off your lights. The app silence allows you to silence the alarm with the phone when your home has little smoke.

If you want a compact carbon monoxide detector with next-level features, you can’t go wrong with the Hilinston. It detects both smoke and carbon monoxide, so you don’t need to buy two devices separately. The Hilinston uses ultra-sensitive electrochemical and photoelectric sensors for quickly detecting carbon monoxide threats and smoldering fires before they cause any harm.

These sensors are also less prone to false alarms from burnt food, making this device a great fit for kitchens. Upon detecting smoke or carbon monoxide, the device sends instant alerts via the loud 85dB alarm and flashing red LEDs. You can view the remaining battery and concentration readings through the LCD screen.

Installing this detector near your bedroom or places with fuel-burning appliances is quick with the included rubber plugs and screws. Besides being lightweight, only weighing ‎5.3 ounces, the Hilinston is battery-powered for quick transportation. It ensures maximum safety during holidays since you can place it in your tent.

If you're looking for a carbon monoxide detector that features advanced technology and is simple to install, the Siterlink is a worthy pick. This CO detector features electrochemical technology with Figaro electrochemical gas sensor. Figaro can detect various gases, including toxic ones like carbon monoxide. This type of sensor will give you accurate results, keeping your family safe from CO poisoning.

The CO detector is easy-to-install because it's not hardwired. You can conveniently install the device in any of your rooms. It can be wall-mounted as it comes with screws. The CO detector has two LED indicators, red and green. The green led is the status indicator that helps you monitor if the CO alarm is functioning correctly. The red one serves as the warning status.

The Siterlink CO monitor is environmentally friendly since it doesn’t emit radiation or smell. As such, you can install it even in your bedroom.

Unless your carbon monoxide detector has exceeded its lifespan, you can restore it. If it keeps beeping even if there isn’t carbon monoxide leakage, consider repairing it. For starters, reset your CO detector by exposing the unit to fresh air so that any impurities get blown off the sensors.

A carbon monoxide detector connected to the electric system of your premises needs routine maintenance. Worn-out wires in the connections result in inconsistent power supply leading to malfunction. If the battery is low, replace it in time to avoid false alarms.

Recommendations by the environmental regulatory board and the building safety code should guide you on where to place your carbon monoxide detector. Ideally, they should be placed five feet above the floor. Carbon monoxide mixes with air and may rise above it. For this reason, CO detectors can also be installed on the ceiling.

The brand of your carbon monoxide detector could have specific requirements for the optimal functioning of the device, so read the manual carefully. Hire a qualified technician to install it for the best results.

Remember not to place your carbon monoxide detectors in the garage, over fireplaces, or in areas with very high temperatures.

Smart features are a plus if you are looking for a CO detector. You only need to download an app on your smartphone to receive alerts in case of carbon monoxide leaks in your home. With such an application, you will know the exact room in danger.

A carbon monoxide with a digital display is also a great pick. It keeps you aware of the current CO levels and beeps in case of fluctuations from the standard levels.

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